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Binary Options Trading

Why binary traders fail

Why Binary Options Traders Fail

Why Binary Options Traders Fail

We have seen over the last few years how binary trading has taken the online trading world by storm. One of the main reasons for their popularity is due to the simplicity of trading them. However, despite so …

weekend binary options trading

Weekend Binary Options Trading

For decades, the cogs of the financial markets wheels stop spinning when it comes the weekend. Regardless of how big an event might have affected the markets, for the financial markets, the weekend is sacred. Everything that happened in the financial world during the weekend can wait until the coming Monday. However, as the world’s...


Binary Triangle Trading Strategy

The Triangle Trading Strategy for breakouts  is an intermediate level binary trading strategy. Traders who are interested in employing this strategy should at least have some basic knowledge of what technical analysis is all about. The triangle breakout strategy is basically an extension of the support and resistance concept. The objective of this strategy is...


Trading the Flag Pennant Pattern Strategy

An extension of the binary triangle trading strategy, the Flag & Pennant trading strategy looks at two additional types of patterns that we can see on a price chart. The Flag Pattern This type of pattern is called the flag pattern due to the fact that it resembles a flag on a pole. The pattern...

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