Trading Guide – Beginner


The NFP Strategy for Binary Options

One of the main instruments for Binary Options traders, who prefer to deal with fundamental analysis of assets, is the NFP, which is the most important macroeconomic indicator that affects… more

Binary Options Trading Guide

This easy to read course is the Binary Options Trading Guide. We’re glad you popped by. Let’s get the basics straightened out in this course. As you would have seen… more

Pricing Dynamics of Binary Options Vs. Traditional Options

With everything being equal, generally, out of the money binaries are cheaper to buy than traditional out of the money options. This is due to the fact that the payouts… more

Binary Options Trading Strategy Basics

With a simple binary options trading strategy, an investor is able to know beforehand what is his potential gain or loss will be   It’s not limitless as is the case… more

Carrying Out a Binary Option Trade

To execute a binary option trade, investors can use online binary trading platforms such as  Anyoption, iOption and 24optionwhich are 100% web based and can be used by beginners and… more

The Disadvantages of Binary Options Trading

Although binary options have many advantages, they are not without their disadvantages too, like all risky and rewarding things in life. The following  are some of the disadvantages of binary… more