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accurate entry strategy

The “Accurate Entry” Strategy

The  “Accurate Entry” strategy for binary options supposes the most accurate entry point to open a position (buy an option). The strategy utilizes 3 indicators: Simple moving average, stochastic and… more

trade on trend

Trade on trend

The trend is a basic concept for the Binary Options trader. It simply means the direction of price movement, and today we’ll speak about a strategy that is based on… more

binary options strategy

Martingale Strategy

Martingale method for binary options has been widely used and will be used for a very long time to come. When we hear it referred to, often it is in… more

binary option strategy

Short Term Binary Strategy

Scalping is not only a Forex term. It has also found its place in the Binary Options hall of fame, so you can enjoy short term scalping strategies like this… more

engulfing put

The Engulfing H1 Binary Options Strategy

According to the authors, this strategy is suitable with any instrument, but we however have only tested two currency pairs with it: EUR/USD and GBP/USD. During the last 4 months… more

15 minutes strategy put

The Binary Options Strategy “15 Minutes”

The Binary Options Strategy “15 Minutes” is simple enough to use, but because of the low operating time intervals, it will require quite a significant time and effort input from… more

5 candlesticks strategy CALL

5 Candlesticks Strategy

The “5 candlesticks” strategy has been used many times for standard forex trading, and not in vain, but it has now been adjusted for Binary Options trading. You can closely… more

Drake Delay Stochastic Strategy

The Drake Delay Stochastic strategy includes a modified version of the standard stochastic, as you can probably understand from its name. The main indicator – Drake Delay Stochastic draws a… more

Binary Options Medium Term Strategy

Why is this binary options strategy called medium term? Well, because we will be using timeframes from D1 (1 day) and up, meaning that the analysis will be done from… more

triangle patterns

The Triangle in Binary Options

One of the most simple and clear strategies that can help binary options traders to get oriented in pricing matters is the Triangle Strategy. If the price increases, then there… more